Guarantee minimum of 3 games in pool play and playoff bracket to crown the Cascade Cup Champion in all Division

Pool Play Game Format

-  Two (2) twenty minute (20) minute running clock halves.

-  Central clock for all pool play games

-  Half time will be 5 minutes.

-  No time outs during pool play

-  No overtime in pool play, games that finish in tie are recorded as such.

Playoff Game Format

-  Two (2) twenty minute (20) minute running clock halves…CENTRAL CLOCK

o Timeouts will be two (2) minutes in length.
o The timeout will not stop the clock.

-  There will be no timeouts allotted in the overtime period.

-  Halftime will be five (5) minutes.

-  No TIMEOUTS in the last 2 minutes of the game

Playoff Game Overtime

If overtime is necessary to decide a play off game, the format will be successive 2-minute “sudden victory” periods (first team to score). No timeouts allowed in overtime games in the playoffs.


Format for Points Accumulation for Playoff Seeding

2 Points for a win   |   1 Point for a tie   |   0 Points for a loss

Teams are randomly seeded by the Tourney Machine system, then adjusted if needed by the committee to try to create the most competitive and even pools possible. The Cascade Cup committee does the best job possible based on the information it is provided and makes every attempt to be fair and consider all variables for a great experience. Please respect that the Cascade Cup committee tries to be equitable and fair at all times. In the event a team has to play 4 pool games to enable a team to get 3 pool play games (odd number of teams), the fourth pool game will not be counted towards seeding.

Playoff seeding is based on points, tiebreakers as follows:

Head to Head

Goals Against

Goals For

Coin Toss

PLEASE NOTE: It is the coach’s responsibility to check with the Tournament Director table at the completion of their final pool game to determine who /if they will play in the playoff. The results will be posted on the website as well.

Playoff is a single elimination format


2019 Cascade Cup Tournament Rules and Regulations